The University’s Procurement activities are organized in line with the Public Procurement Act (2007). The Procurement Unit reports to the Vice Chancellor. The PPA(2007) provides the framework for implementing the University Procurement Plans which covers goods, works and services.

Tapping Talents, Fostering Research Culture, Creating Opportunities, Promoting National Development

Aims and Objectives

The functions of the Procurement Unit as listed in the PPA (2007) include;:

  • Advertise and solicit for bids in compliance with guidelines by the BPP from time to time;
  • Receive and maintain appropriate documentation of bids received, examine bids received, obtain “certificate of no objection” to contract award from the BPP and make submission to the University Tenders Board.
  • Debrief a bid loser on request
  • Resolve complaints and disputes, if any
  • Obtain and confirm the validity of any Performance Guarantee;
  • Announce and publicize Contract Awards
  • Execute Contract Agreements

Other functions carried out by the Head of the Procurement Unit include;

  • Advice the organization on Procurement matters;
  • Serve as the Secretary of the Tenders Board
  • Serve as the Secretary of the Procurement Planning Committee
  • Keep Procurement Records and make renditions to the BPP and its appointed auditors
  • Liaise with the BPP for reports, records and interface as may be developed by the Bureau from time to time
  • Chair the Technical and Financial Evaluation Sub-Committees of Tenders Board


The Mission of the Procurement Unit is to be strategic, proactive and ethical in all our procurement efforts striving to deriving maximum value for our University and Stakeholders. We are guided by the principles of economy, efficiency, fairness, reliability, transparency and accountability in delivering stakeholder focused services to our University.

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Our vision is be to the most effective, value creating procurement entity that utilizes strategic thinking, efficient processes, technology and effective stakeholder management in contributing to the drive of the University to become world class.

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Our team

our esteem team

Dr. Ezekiel Acinwu Ripiye
Mr S.E Sneeze
Mr. Osagie Samuel
Head - IT
Mr. Mohammed Kolo
John Ukodo